Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • If not notified upon booking, Dave’s Removals & Storage HAVE the right to refuse the move due to Balcony lifts, pianos, billiard tables or items over 70kg
  • MOST of our trucks are fitted with tail lifts or ramps. Please advise us upon booking your move if you require a ramp or lift for your job to be completed successfully.
  • All movers are equipped with trolleys, blankets


  • If you have a backload service booked in please be aware that times and dates are subject to change of up to 24 – 48 hours without notice.
  • Delivery times may change we cannot give exact times, even if we give a time this a approximate and may change.
  • Please be on call as the driver will call you 30minutes to 1 hour before arriving at your location
  • Backload is a shared service and as there will be other customers sharing the truck there could be delays.
  • We do not recommend booking flights or accommodation based on the time or day of your booked backload as we cannot guarantee timing
  • Please keep in mind your goods are being transported by road which means traffic/weather conditions, accidents, RMS weigh in’s, road closures etc could cause delays to any trip.
  • If our drivers need to rest we need to allow this however this could cause delays.
  • A detailed inventory MUST be provided for this type of move.


  • Dangerous goods, gass bottles, banned substances, animals or fruit barring plants
  • These items MUST be declared, as relocating these items breach the Australian Transport Regulations.


We do provide Transit Insurance (theft of vehicle, fire and over turn of the vehicle), Public Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance as part of this service.

If you do not take out insurance for your move we DO NOT cover for any type of accidental loss or damage to your items. This means you are not covered;

  • If the household goods are accidentally damaged.
  • Electrical goods are physically damaged.
  • Items inside your packed boxes are damaged.
  • Any damages caused whilst loading and unloading to your goods

Fair Trading states on their website you should take out additional insurance for peace of mind. We strongly recommend you take out additional insurance for the day of the move, no matter how far, big or small your move is.

How to arrange your OWN insurance directly:

  1. Take out your own COMPREHENSIVE insurance by contacting Rhys Keogh – Unique Insurance Group on Ph: 1300 275 844
  2. Removals Insurance Australia:Click here and get a free quote
  3. Home contents insurance:You may contact your existent home goods & content insurance provider and enquire if your policy covers for a removal/relocation.

During Storage at the Dave’s Removals & Storage Warehouse:

  • At Dave’s Removals & Storage, we are proud of the high standard service we provide, because of our commitment to security and protection we do not provide insurance on your goods stored at the Dave’s Removals & Storage warehouse.
  • If your goods are going to be stored with Dave’s Removals & Storage, you must take out your own COMPREHENSIVE insurance by contacting Rhys Keogh – Unique Insurance Group on Ph: 1300 275 844


  • If booking is cancelled or date is changed within 24 hours this will result in 100% charge full quoted costs.
  • If cancelled  or date change is required within 48 hours this will results in 50% charge of the quoted costs.

If the Company receives 2 weeks cancellation notice in writing, the deposit will be refunded less 25%.

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